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4 Entrepreneurial Reasons Why Your Local Online Marketing Must Start Today

Do you think having a well branded and structured website with easy to find products and services, visible contact form and Google map address, highlighted achievements and testimonials from known personalities are enough to bring sales from Google, Bing and Yahoo.


It actually doesn’t work like that. You consider your website as 10% ready for marketing unless you fully implement the webmaster guidelines and white hat marketing process recommended by top marketing companies.
In 2013, Dimensional Research announced amazing stats on online buyer's preference. There are 90% of online shoppers that basis their decision through online reviews. While quality of product and services are important, it is the users who will determine the growth of your company through digital marketing system.
Here are the reasons why SME’s should Begin their Online Marketing Strategy
It produce more sales that any other traditional marketing strategies
Digital Marketing provides small and medium business to take customers from multinational companies. It performs better than television program, print media like streamers and audio advertisement. The recent reduction of advertising sales in part of the television industry while there are increase of online shopping using mobile application or responsive websites are proofs of having effective marketing tools. 
Guaranteed organic visitors & its free
Search engine marketing can guarantee an increase of visitors between 30% to 100%. In one search engine optimisation campaign for a local office sharing company, the website enjoys more than 100% traffic increase after 3 months of search engine optimisation. Of course the quality of content and well manages customer service was there to make sure the reputation online will not be an issue later.
Most Affordable Marketing Strategy
The Digital Marketing can use website with free CMS program, free social media resources, affordable email marketing software like Mailchimp and Aweber. Unlike in television advertisements, every actor, props and time airing are to be paid, search engine marketing are almost 85% free. The presence of online review websites like Google places, Yelp, True Local and Yellow pages are considered as bonus online presence opportunity.
Long-term with unlimited opportunities
The best part in Digital Marketing are its long term capability and unlimited business opportunities. The 3 months digital marketing campaign, if done properly can benefit your business through stable keyword ranking that may last up to six months to one year.
The community you build through social media and email list building  provide additional opportunities. If your business is cakes and pastries,  then you can also sell on the same customer those delicacies and sweet food items.
The Internet is a rocket fuel for the growth of small and medium businesses. The goal of Digital Marketing is to help your business to be found everywhere online through a search engine, social media, video submission websites, podcast directories, image creation websites and any other types of networking sites.