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Digital Marketing Recommendations for Graphic Design Company

The following are reply to the inquiry made by the client. This entreprenuer ask this "How can I increase the ranking of my website?

Upon spending almost 4 hours of website audit, i proceed with the following recomendations. If you have website about local graphic design, tshirt printing, brochure and streamer printing, then these are perfect for you.
1. Update the duplicate content to get away from duplicate content penalty.
2.  Regularly update your website by adding blog features. The blog content should be consisted by knowledge based content that can identify you as industry expert. Make the author a real person for easy social media engagement. Create content internal links to improve the internal link quantity. Used your blog post to update social media account.
3. Request a link removal from Article websites that used exact match keywords or less authority websites.
2. Disavow some inbound links coming from poor authority websites
3. Reduce exact match keyword link while increase brand, natural and domain links.
4. Increase variation of unique domain links. 
5. Setup sitemap and submit to Google webmaster. Identify keywords that are nearing to rank, optimise it with content and provide fresh inbound links both from social media and authority websites.
6. Conduct proper kewyords research, identification and distribution. Make sure the landing pages have less bounce rate.
7. Website reputation - Google look for about us page and testimonials. Make sure you use appropriate social proofs to your website. Register your website to top directory and review websites. Encourage your satisfied visitors to put their reviews online by sending emails and discount on next order.
8. Metas - Improve all your meta titles and descriptions to increase search engine clickrate and conversion.
9. Authority links -  Acquire authority link from News, Edu, Org, Gov websites by creating online buzz. Join a conference, announce job opportunities and email the universities, offer scholarship, create knowledge based content useful to students, sponsor Government and university events to get into the news.


The graphic design company actually have a 3 years old website and 2 social media account. They seldom update their blog and social media.

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