Limitless Website Design Albany

Website Audit for Surveillance Company in Perth

1. Site Metrics
www to non-www redirection is NOT working.  
Google PageRank - NA  which mean the site is too young and less authoritative.  
Domain Authority - 15/100  Ideal DA is above 50/100 indicated no online marketing activity
Page Authority - 24/100    Ideal PA is above 50/100 
Alexa Rank in AU - n/a which mean the site do not have significant daily visitors.
Site age in year -  No record or less than 1 yr
Google backlinks – none, its better the company launch a 3 month seo program to have based inbound link signal and gain page and domain authority
Bing backlinks – only 1. The site will not win on bing search engine competition with the current profile.
2. SEO Setup
Google analytics setup  - None – no stat reporting opportunity
Google webmaster setup  - none – submit to Google to receive feedback on performance
Bing Webmaster setup    - none - submit to Bing  to receive feedback on performance
Robot.txt setup      - Present  
Sitemap.xml setup     - present but full list of site urls are not present
Sitemap page setup      - Not needed due to smaller website pages.
Geotargeting-  None, the site target location need to be setup using Google webmaster 
Google places setup     - None the site was not submitted to Google business places 
3. Keywords – Possible profitable for the company website are:
surveillance cameras
alarm systems perth
security systems perth
encryption software
proximity sensor
motion sensor
alarm system perth
home surveillance cameras
surveillance cameras perth
4. Optimisation - 
Homepage -   There are no business tag line and sales preposition in the first fold. The product or services are not seen right in the homepage. Huge white space and missing image indicates the site is not fully develop. Navigation menu is not properly arranged according to importance while Get Approach link seems left behind. No indexable text content making the homepage a great example of thin content web page. There are no image in the homepage that support their product or services. 
HTML Tagging -    H1,h2 and h3 are present in internal pages.
Alt - title image tags and strong text are NOT present on the about page, approach and who we are pages. Include image for optimisation opportunities
Keywords density -     Due to failure to identify the keywords in the homepage, the right  keyword density do not exist in the website.
Long tailed keywords – NO present long tailed keywords. It shows that when the site was developed, the marketing opportunity was not consider from the beginning.
Internal links –  NO internal link present. It is best advised if the product and services have individual pages to be able to increase page links internally.
Geo targeted keywords – None, the content never mention Perth and its suburbs.
Content      - The product or services are expected to have individual pages to be able to embed enough keyword densities. The drop down menu is advisable for various product and services. The site should increase the number of words supported by images.  A  300 words on each product or service pages are recommended to be able to insert a minimum of 3 keywords per page.
Keywords and none keyword links.  Not present, please include read more, here, brand link as text links in your site to make it more natural to Google.
Social Proof -   None – Include the company logo and company testimonials of your previous customer. Social proofs help increase enquire.
Video -   None, include some video while the staff is working. Video is a good website element to increase trust and authority